The launchpad is a product/services offering that uses our farming rewards platform to launch new products and tokens combined with our services such as live streamed AMAs, token and product development, and token marketing.


PHLIP is a card matching game. If you've played Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, Joking Hazard, What do you Meme or any other card matching games then you'll understand just how PHLIP is played PHLIP is a Play 2 Earn game - no cost to play. Just connect your wallet and play for rewards For the apes, PHLIP players can use their Play 2 Earn Tokens to earn DAO tokens in high rewards games The game is user generated and owned by the NFT and DAO Token Holders; NFT Holders earn a portion of all rewards generated from the game.

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Trading & Analytics App

Formerly known as the unRekt & XRatio apps, the Trading & Analytics app is a chain agnostic fully scalable and expandable application incorporating technologies only reserved for the big boys. Incorporating limit orders, TA tools, and proprietary safety features for your investments.

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Soldiers of the Metaverse 

Initial alpha/beta game is a PvP/PvE fighting game reminiscent of the games so many of us grew up with. Expanded functionality of the SOTM beyond that game is currently in discussions.

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