Disrupting a centralized present with usable decentralized protocols

We believe that decentralization, in its current state, is difficult to use and while in hypergrowth - can be improved upon for greater adoption.

We believe that our product offering will assist with creating better adoption through education and parity in trading tools akin to centralized crypto trading platforms as well as a launch pad consisting of our own and partner products which we will take to market through our farming pools and value add services.

A multi-utility token 

ACCEL, an ERC-20 based token, is legally tradable on existing crypto exchanges. ACCEL is considered a multi-utility token however does not represent equity in the company but the value of the token should correlate with the corporation’s success.


Rewards for just hodling

Token holders will receive rewards in the forms of additional tokens or additional incentives and access to more features on the Platform itself.

$ACCEL Tokenomics

The ultimate utility token. ACCEL gives you access to the Accel Defi Platform products and services. Stakers of ACCEL are given exclusive access to some products and services, such as the accel portfolio and unrekt application and is necessary to access various tiers of benefits from other products.

Smart Contract Audit by Solidity Finance