Crypto Doesn't Sleep

Accel offers advanced DeFi trading tools so you can. Our suite of products is geared towards a 24 hours / 365 days a year market.

Accel offers advanced trading tools for DeFi traders for EVM based networks offering limitless exposure to digital assets across several decentralized exchanges. We provide immediate value to family offices, financial institutions, brokers, funds and advanced retail traders.

Supported with grants from:

grants from Harmony, AAVE, and Polygon

Defi Protocols & Tools

The Accel DeFi suite includes a limit-trading application for DEXs, a cross chain swap, honeypot and tax detection, token research tools, crypto technical analysis, fundraising tools, NFT marketplace, and staking and farming rewards.

Trading & Analytics Apps

A chain agnostic fully scalable and expandable application incorporating technologies only reserved for the big boys. Incorporating limit and stop orders, TA tools, and proprietary safety features for your investments.

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Multi-chain Asset Swap

Includes a honeypot scanner for safe trading. Additionally we support cross chain trading thousands of assets across 6 of the major EVM chains including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, and Arbitrum.

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Multi-chain Staking

Offering staking pools for each chain that show values and aggregate all chain data into an easy to read interface. Tokens are brought together in unified pools. These pools provide rewards to all stakers while also incentivizing holding.

Stake Tokens

Get a full picture of your portfolio across several blockchains. Support for full aggregation across 6 of the major EVM chains including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, and Arbitrum.

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Multi-chain Farming Pools

Tokens are brought together in unified farming pools to earn additional rewards. These pools provide rewards to all farmers while also incentivizing holding. This powers our GameFi products. 

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Multi-chain Asset Bridge

Bridge Assets between Binance, Ethereum, and Polygon. A rapid bespoke bridge maintaining a single unified supply across multiple chains.

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Advanced Trading Tools

A Decentralized Trading Desk For Everyone

Trade In Your Sleep
The market doesn't sleep, we offer automated Limit and Stop Orders with advanced options and charting for decentralized exchanges so you can.

Lightning Speed Trading
Faster than lightning trades using custom gas parameters. Use our private nodes or bring your own.

Multi-wallet or Customer Support
Chain or customer specific wallets lets you segment your trading by usage type.

Multi-chain & Dex Support
We offer exposure to 10,000+ micro to large cap digital assets only found on decentralized exchanges across several EVM based networks.

Always Authorized
A secure environment allowing traders to switch contexts, clients, or chains quickly without getting rekt.

Secure Terminal Environment
Use a desktop computer or deploy your own container on your own private cloud.

Multi-Wallet Portfolio & Charting
Track all your trades and view profit and losses in one place across several wallets or customers.

Passive APR Earnings In Between Trades
Automatically move stable assets into AAVE's lending protocol in between trades.

Crosschain Asset Swap

Liquidity Aggregator
Aggregates the best exchange rates across decentralized exchanges, which means the lowest prices available.

Smart Slippage
Smart Slippage automatically adjusts to accommodate tokens with fees.

Honeypot Detector
Honeypot Detection prevents users from purchasing scam tokens.

Swap top digital assets across chains for a single point of trasnsaction.

We believe that decentralization, in its current state, is difficult to use and while in hyper growth - can be improved upon for greater adoption.



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